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Raduga TV Satellite kit: receiver, antenna, converter, 3 months pre-paid service and a smart-card

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Raduga TV Satellite TV Set - 90 Russian TV channels and  6 radio channels.

The set includes receiver Golden Interstar GI-S790IR Xpeed + smart card Raduga TV for 3 months + 0,9 m antenna with bracket + line converter and cable. 12 months warranty. 

Raduga (Rainbow) TV - is a digital satellite television for individual clients, created as a joint project group of companies GTSS: a well-known in the telecommunications market telecom operator - Company GeoTelekommunikatsii"providing communications services under the brand name Raduga TV producer and general distributor of TV channels - the company "Content Union "service provider and the general distributor of the package TV Raduga TV - Company DalGeoKom.


The unique coverage geography of the ABS-1 satellite makes it possible to connect to the "Raduga TV" almost the entire territory of Russia! High energy efficiency of ABS-1 satellite (75E) can be used for receiving the signal of RADUGA TV on a small diameter antenna (from  90 cm). 

  Raduga TV - satellite TV for all the family. Maximum channels for everyone's taste and for everyone's age: cognitive, movie, entertainment, children's, sports, national, and more! 

Raduga TV Channels - are well-known "Discovery", "National Geographic", "Jetix", "Animal Planet", "AXN Sci-Fi", "NSTV", "Fox Crime" and others, domestic and foreign telenovinki: "Evrokino "," Sony LIFE "," About Money "," Live TV ", as well as other well-known television brands. In Rainbow TV, we present a well-known channels of its own production group of companies united under the brand name : "Russian Illusion," "Illusion +", "Zoopark", "Children". "RAINBOW TV - only satellite package of which you can see the TV family VIASAT (TV 1000, TV 1000 Russian film, TV 1000 Action, VIASAT Explorer, VIASAT History, VIASAT Sport).

Up to 50% of Raduga TV channels are exclusive! 

Movie brands
TV 1000, TV 1000 Russian film, TV 1000 Action, Russian Illusion, Illusion +, AXN Sci-Fi, NSTV-, Fox Crime, SONY LIFE, Evrokino, TV XXI.

Educational Channels
Viasat History, Viasat Explorer, ZooPark, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Hunting and Fishing, Manor, Drive, 24 techno, Maternal and Child Health, Health TV, Live TV.

Sports TV
Viasat Sport

Kids Channel
Children, Multimania, JETIX

Information and entertainment channels
ORT, Retro TV, Fox LIFE, Fashion TV, about the money, plus Russia, Israel, Gameplay-The first game, LUXE TV

Music channels

Other available on ABS1 TV
NTV, STS, DTV, RBC TV, 2x2, TRK Mir, TRO (Belarus), New Age, INTER AZ, Tajik TV, TV Sale, Top SHOP TV, TV CLUB

Additional information: To view the Raduga TV channels, in addition to the smart card access Rainbow TV, you need a sat receiver with a built-in Irdeto module, or Irdeto-2 CAM. 

If a subscriber has the receivers DRE 5000, DRS 5001, DRE 7300 he must purchase and install a satellite antenna with a diameter of not less than 90 cm, the converter Ku-band with linear polarization, CAM-Module, which supports a coding system Irdeto-2 and an access card . We recommend using a CAM module IRDETO version with 3.6.9, at the moment is the only unit certified by Irdeto. 

 Subscribers have receivers Arion AF 3030 IR, AF-3300E Irdeto, Golden Interstar GI-S790IR, Globo 5100 IR, Lumax DV IRD 2400 or Topfield TF6400IR should update the software of the receiver by downloading it from the site acquire an access card and rebuild the antenna on the satellite ABS-1 75 E If the receiver has a built-CI-slot (Topfield TF5000CI, Globo 7310 SI2CX, Globo 7010 1CI or other), then to receive a package just buy the CAM module and an access card.

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